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  Mannheim 81%
  ... are equipped for infusion studies and several functional labs are situated within the various wards. Two 8-bed rooms are equipped for intensive monitoring and surveillance. Activities of this ... the building is surrounded by approximately 1,250 square metres of park-like grounds. The wards are distributed over three levels. In the basement, a large 800-square-metre outpatient area ... The hospital-like unit has its own operating theatre and a central oxygen supply in all
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  Mailing Campaign (Kopie Home) 80%
  ... EcoVadis - CSR Rating Based on the CSR rating by EcoVadis in July 2016 CRS has been granted a Silver Recognition Level. CRO Leadership Awards 2016 CRS is proud to be recognised by pharma companies worldwide as leading CRO with regard to: capabilities, compatibility, expertise, quality ...
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  Info-Point 79%
  ... / White Papers Poster Effect of Multiple Oral Doses of NOMAC/E2 on QTcF Intervals  Press Releases Press release CRS receives CRO Leadership Awards 2019 Press release Management Buy-Out at CRS Pressemitteilung Management Buy-Out bei der CRS Flyers Flyer CRS - Four Decades Of Experience In ...
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  Home 76%
  ... clients from pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies of all sizes choose to work with CRS as their CRO of choice. CRO Leadership Awards 2020 CRS is proud to be recognised again by pharma companies worldwide as a leading CRO with regard to: capabilities, compatibility, quality ...
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  Early Phase I to IIa 73%
  ... with a 5.1 sound system), Internet and quality cuisine to make participants feel as comfortable as possible. The arrangement of different wards and lounges in all units allows separation between patients and healthy volunteers as well as between patients of different age groups. ...
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Path: /Services/Early Phase I to IIa