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  Early Phase I to IIa 81%
  Early Phase I to IIa Each clinical trial brings new challenges and has to be seen from an individual perspective. The staff of CRS’s clinical pharmacological units (CPUs) dedicated itself to respond to these challenges for more than 40 years. All CRS units are ... expertise based on different clients’ needs and requirements. The division of the corporate structure into six professional Phase I units
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Path: /Services/Early Phase I to IIa

  Info-Point 80%
  Info-Point Public information material CRS employs highly educated staff and real experts in their respective fields. Below you can find various ressources on the experience and expertise as well as ...
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  Quality 76%
  ... governing the design, performance, recording and reporting of clinical trials (ICH guidelines); assisting functional managers and CRS staff in the development of SOPs; approving all SOPs and monitoring the development, approval, periodic review, revision, version control and ...
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  Partners 74%
  ... trials. All university partners for clinical trials are audited by CRS and selected according to our excellence criteria such as dedicated staff, access to patients, and the possibility to conduct trials in Clinical Pharmacological Units with Phase I standards to enable complex PK and PD ... Services eCRF provider in phase I/II, III, non-interventional studies and medical device studies Facts Est. 2004 Headcount: 23 plus temporary
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  Trial Expertise 67%
  ... in man, PK, PD and PoC trials. The CPUs are equipped with digital spirometry, body plethysmography, DLCO measurement and ergospirometry. Our staff with a broad clinical experience has been involved in several phase I-IV respiratory studies. Pharmacology trials (PK, PD, dose-range finding, ...
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Path: /Expertise/Trial Expertise

  2010-2020 47%
  ... both in and out of the relevant pollen season Ann Allergy Asthma Immunol. 2011 Epub 2011 Feb 5. Clemens N. Clinical Investigator and Site Staff Training Requirements on al Global Scale, Monitor, February 2011 Serra DB, Sun H, Karwowska S, Praestgaard J, Halabi A , Stein DS. Single-dose ...
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