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  News 4 81%
  ... for an oncological treatment Known critical cardiac safety profile according to the SMPC Clinical conduct in 6 ... of external specialists (cardiologists) for cardiac safety assesments and provison of a Data Safety Monitoring Board Adaptive trial design to combine ... IV dosing procedure to ensure tolerability and
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  Imprint 74%
  ... Yuri Arcurs/fotolia | Julia Berlin Representative for medical device safety Health care facilities with regularly more than 20 employees must ... training is designated as a representative for medical device safety. As a central department in the health facility, the representative for medical device
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  Trial Expertise 70%
  ... after last subject dosed in a particular dose group. Safety and tolerability Suitable study measures and profiles ... and clinical data on the molecule. Cardiac safety trials in healthy subjects and patients About 3–5 trials annually are cardiac safety trials. In some cases CRS cooperates with a central ... range of genotyped subjects . Thorough QTc/cardiac
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  Consultancy 69%
  ... plans both in early and late-stage development Scientific advice meetings IND filing/CTA filing Integrated summaries on efficacy and safety regulatory meetings and representation End-of-Phase II meetings
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  Partners 67%
  ... Forschung GmbH www.lkf-kiel.de Services Local safety lab provide & central lab services in multicentre ... Labs Mönchengladbach GmbH www.mlm-labs.com Services Safety lab provider Facts Est. 1993 Headcount: 20 ... Dr. Schmitt & Partner http://www.lab-kl.de Services Safety lab provider Facts Est 1974 Headcount: 130 ... centralised core laboratory for cardiac
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  Locations 65%
  ... experienced in complex ECG trial designs. Mönchengladbach The CPU with 54 beds is specialised in trials regarding men's & women's health, skin safety, cardiovascular diseases and nutritionals. Mannheim The largest CPU with 102 beds provides special expertise in respiratory research and in ...
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  In a Nutshell 62%
  ... impairment Respiratory / inhalative devices Women's health / gynaecological examinations Men's health Dermal & transdermal application Skin safety, sensitisation & photo-toxicity Opioids Large Pool of Volunteers and Patients Male & female Different age groups (incl. 85 years and over) ...
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  Home 62%
  ... excellent track record is based on more than four decades of experience in clinical research, and the very highest standards of quality and safety. Click  here to see our latest Press Release. Services CRS. Experts. Early Phase. First in Human to Proof of Concept in Patients. CRS is a ...
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  Mönchengladbach 59%
  ... trials (overnight stays up to 46 days) combined with challenging PK and PD schedules. In addition, the unit has special expertise in skin safety testing, cardiovascular related trials and the conduct of studies with pre- and postmenopausal women as well as in FIM. Infrastructure & ...
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  2010-2019 59%
  ... targeting coagulation factor XIa: First evaluation of safety, pharmacodynamics, and pharmacokinetics. Res Pract ... antibiotic: Pharmacokinetics, tolerability and safety in subjects with mild, moderate, and severe renal ... S , Berse M , Schultz A , Otto C.  Pharmacokinetics, Safety, and Tolerability of the Novel Chymase Inhibitor BAY ... Randomised, Double-Blind, Phase I Study Investigating
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