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  Expertise 81%
  ... (e.g. long-term examination up to two years), long hospitalisation periods up to 53 days and clinical assessments (e.g. cardiovascular, respiratory, dermatology and women's and men's health). Together with its strict Phase I standardised environment and internal QA and QC procedures, CRS is ...
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  Locations 76%
  ... diseases and is experienced in complex ECG trial designs as well as FIM. Mannheim CRS Mannheim (100 beds) provides special expertise in respiratory research and in challenging trial designs e.g. FIM & thorough QT. It also offers modular services such as Medical Writing, QA/QC and Data ...
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  Trial Expertise 73%
  ... Inhalation studies (COPD/asthma) CRS has extensive experience in conducting trials in respiratory research. Our units in Mönchengladbach and Mannheim have carried out up to 61 studies with respiratory drugs in the past eight years, in healthy volunteers as well as in patients with COPD/asthma ... Our staff with a broad clinical experience has been involved in several phase I-IV
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  In a Nutshell 72%
  ... to contact CRS directly. Special Fields of Expertise Interaction trials (food, drug & genotype) Thorough QT / QTc Renal & hepatic impairment Respiratory / inhalative devices Women's health / gynaecological examinations Men's health Dermal & transdermal application Skin safety, sensitisation & ...
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  Pharmacodynamic Expertise 66%
  ... and cratinin excretion Renal tubular function (lithium clearance) Osmolality Cystatin C Iohexol Pharmacokinetics in patients under dialysis Respiratory Spirometry (FEV, PEV, PEFT) including reversibility testing Spiroergometry Pulmonary function testing Metacholine challenge test ...
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  Partners 62%
  ... iCardiac www.icardiac.com Services iCardiac Technologies, Inc. is an industry-leading centralised core laboratory for cardiac safety and respiratory services.  Its high precision cardiac safety assessment methodology has set a new standard for precision and accuracy in all phases of ...
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  2010-2020 42%
  ... D. Lauenstein, C. Foerster, C. Schlumbohm, E. Fuchs, F. J. Kaup, N. Krug, F. Schaumann , A. Braun Article: Ex vivo lung culture models to study respiratory inflammation and their relevance for in vivo: An interspecies comparison Toxicology Letters - TOXICOL LETT. 01/2010; 196.
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