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  Expertise 81%
  ... respiratory, dermatology and women's and men's health). Together with its strict Phase I standardised environment and internal QA and QC procedures, CRS is able to handle multi-centre settings within CRS under most possible standardised conditions. For more information, please ...
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Path: /Expertise

  Quality 78%
  ... during all audits and generating responses to audit reports. Carried out separately from the Quality Assurance Department, Quality Control (QC) is performed during every stage of data-handling in all departments. It covers all essential procedures such as Clinical Realisation , ... Study data are a part of multiple quality control reviews, which means that each CRF (case report form) file is thoroughly checked by the
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Path: /Services/Quality

  Locations 76%
  ... in respiratory research and in challenging trial designs e.g. FIM & thorough QT. It also offers modular services such as Medical Writing, QA/QC and Data Management.
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