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  Quality 81%
  Quality With quality assurance central to any study, the independent Quality Assurance (QA) Department is centrally organised at CRS-Andernach and is responsible throughout the CRS. The QA manager has extensive supervisory responsibilities for any project at CRS and reports ... President and CEO. He works independently of all other personnel conducting the study. The
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  Expertise 79%
  ... cardiovascular, respiratory, dermatology and women's and men's health). Together with its strict Phase I standardised environment and internal QA and QC procedures, CRS is able to handle multi-centre settings within CRS under most possible standardised conditions. For more information, ...
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  Locations 74%
  ... in respiratory research and in challenging trial designs e.g. FIM & thorough QT. It also offers modular services such as Medical Writing, QA/QC and Data Management.
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  Partners 68%
  ... und Dokumentation im medizinischen Laboratorium e.V. (Institute for standardisation and documentation in medical laboratories), Germany; UK NEQAS, United Kingdom; WEQAS, United Kingdom. Fortuna Herstellung GmbH www.fortunaherstellung.de Services Pharmacy Facts Est. 2009 Headcount: 40 ...
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