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  In a Nutshell 81%
  ... with a total bed capacity of more than 200 beds. This makes CRS to one of the leading European provider of Phase-I services, including standard PK/PD trial designs as well as special fields of expertise in a strictly standardised Phase-I environment. Besides the standard Early Phase studies ...
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  Berlin 75%
  ... with women of childbearing potential and postmenopausal women. This especially covers FIM and long-term outpatient studies with challenging PK/PD designs including a broad spectrum of administration routes (oral, dermal, subcutaneous, intravenous, intravaginal, intrauterine) and early ...
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  1990 – 1999 54%
  ... tyramine. Eur J Clin Pharmacol 1997 ; 52(Suppl.):No. 436. Thomsen T , Eckl KM, Römer A, Peck CC, Dehn A. Terfenadine drug interaction. PK/PD and non-responders. Ulm - Germany: Spring meeting AGAH, 30.01.-05.02.1997; 1997 . Timmer W, Wehling M, Theiss U . 24-hour recording of ...
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