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  Karriere 81%
  ... The CRS’s company policy is highly appreciated by our employees and is reflected by an average period of employment of up to 7 years and by an increase of the personnel structure by ca. 10% annually.  Andernach Derzeit sind keine offenen Stellen vorhanden. Kiel Study Nurse (w/m) in Vollzeit ...
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  Trial Expertise 80%
  ... More than 22 trials have been published since 1981. Drug-genotype interaction CRS conducts various trials in this field to support the increase of beneficial effects and to enhance the prevention of negative effects from drug therapy. Because genetic factors affect human responses to ...
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  1981 – 1989 79%
  ... Mannheim-Heidelberg, 23-28 July 1989. Euro J Clin Pharmacol 36: (Suppl.): A203, PP06.59; 1989 . Pleul O, Rost L, Thomsen T , Kewitz H. Increase of prostaglandins in rat brain by tetrahydroaminoacridine or galanthamine. In: Kewitz H, Thomsen T , Bickel U, editors. Pharmacological ... T , Weber W, Kewitz H. Correlation between blood and tissue levels of tetrahydroaminoacridine, cholinesterase inhibition and acetylcholine
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  2010-2018 72%
  ... 02/2012; 30(15):2556-63 2011 Feuring M, Wehling M, Schultz A . Dalteparin dose-dependently increases ROTEM(®) thrombelastography parameters only at supratherapeutic anti-factor Xa levels: an in ... Physiol. 2011 Nov;38(11):783-6. Feuring M, Wehling M, Schultz A . Lepirudin dose-dependently increases thrombelastography parameters at therapeutic plasma concentrations as measured with ROTEM® - ...
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