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  Expertise 100%
  Expertise In its history spanning more than three decades, CRS has developed particular expertise in the recruitment of challenging populations in terms of sample size (> 200 subjects) and ... conditions. For more information, please see our sections: Special Populations Trial Expertise Pharmacodynamic Testing
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Path: /Expertise

  Trial Expertise 100%
  Trial Expertise CRS is offering all clinical trials typically ... (i.v., s.c., i.c., i.m.) CRS has a broad range of expertise and state-of-the-art equipment (e.g. Orchestra by ... most of the state-of-the-art technologies. CRS’s expertise covers all kinds of recording equipment ... pupillometry. Skin safety & dermal treatment
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Path: /Expertise/Trial Expertise

  Pharmacodynamic Expertise 100%
  Pharmacodynamic Expertise The identification of clinical effective drug candidates in the early clinical trial conduct is the key benefit of biomarkers. Due to ...
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Path: /Expertise/Pharmacodynamic Expertise

  Locations 76%
  ... long-standing clinical trials and early proof of concept. Locations & Special Fields of Expertise Kiel CRS Kiel (25 beds) is located in close proximity to the University Hospital ... of patient trials in renal & hepatic impairment. Berlin CRS Berlin (35 beds) has outstanding expertise in clinical trials concerning women's health including gynaecological examinations ... complex ECG trial designs as well as FIM. Mannheim CRS Mannheim (100 beds) provides special
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Path: /Locations

  Consultancy 76%
  Consultancy CRS experts provide integrated services to support biopharmaceutical and medical device companies. We collaborate with regulatory experts to develop innovative and customised strategic programmes for clients focusing on regulatory milestones and clinical development planning and ...
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Path: /Services/Consultancy

  Medical Writing 74%
  ... Writing Team of CRS comes in. The Medical Writing Team offers expert services ranging from preparing individual documents to producing ... brochures (IB) in close cooperation with scientific and medical experts   Preparing and submitting manuscripts for publication in close cooperation with scientific and medical
  Size: 31 K - Created: 18-11-12 - Modified: 02-08-19 10:27
Path: /Services/Medical Writing

  In a Nutshell 72%
  ... of Phase-I services, including standard PK/PD trial designs as well as special fields of expertise in a strictly standardised Phase-I environment. Besides the standard Early Phase studies ... Writing In the following we offer you further information about CRS e.g. 'special fields of expertise' and 'large pool of volunteers and patients'. Please feel free to contact CRS directly. Special Fields of
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Path: /CRS/In a Nutshell

  Info-Point 71%
  Info-Point Public information material CRS employs highly educated staff and real experts in their respective fields. Below you can find various ressources on the experience and expertise as well as presentations from CRS's team for your information. From our flyers you can also learn in which service fields CRS can be of ...
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Path: /Info-Point

  Andernach 68%
  ... CRS Andernach are running under a valid control agreement and a profit/loss transfer agreement. Further information CRS has the long-standing expertise necessary to carry out clinical trials. Its balanced portfolio of clients from the pharmaceutical industry (mid-sized to large pharma), ...
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Path: /Locations/Andernach

  Probandenbetreuer 67%
  Probandenbetreuer CRS. Experts. Early Phase. Wir sind eines der größten Auftragsforschungsinstitute (Phasen I und II) in Europa mit mittlerweile mehr als 40 Jahren Erfahrung ...
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Path: /Karriere/Karriere Mannheim/Probandenbetreuer