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  Quality 81%
  ... central to any study, the independent Quality Assurance (QA) Department is centrally organised at CRS-Andernach and is responsible ... independently of all other personnel conducting the study. The QA Department is responsible for: Managing the standard operating procedures ... to audit reports. Carried out separately from the Quality Assurance
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  CDM & STAT 76%
  CDM & STAT The Data Management & Biometrics Department provides all the services necessary to handle the data of clinical studies and treatment ... integrating sponsor-specific templates. All the services of the Data Management & Biometrics Department can of course be contracted separately. Able to handle large quantities of data efficiently, ... efficient, cost-effective manner. Biometrics The experienced, well-trained Biostatistical
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  Medical Directors 73%
  ... Heine at University | Düsseldorf 1991-1999 Scientific Assistant Department of Internal Medicine and Endocinology at Johannes Gutenberg ... of the University of Heidelberg 1987-1988 Assistant Physician Department of Anaeasthesiology, Protestant Hospital “Hochstift” Worms 1988-1991 Assistant Physician
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  Contact 70%
  Contact Your first point of contact is our Business Development (BD) team. BD facilitates communication between sponsor and clinical team. The department has a strong commercial and academic (medicine and life sciences) background including clinical and pre-clinical experience, which enables ...
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  Mannheim 69%
  ... in the metropolitan area of Mannheim-Heidelberg, half an hour south of Frankfurt. For decades, the clinic building once housed the paediatric department of Mannheim University Hospital. The unit is located in central Mannheim, 3 km away from the main station. A tram stop in front of the building ... Wine Route, the oldest of Germany’s tourist wine routes. In 2004, it moved to the converted building which previously housed the paediatric
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  Imprint 67%
  ... medical, scientific, nursing, pharmaceutical or technical training is designated as a representative for medical device safety. As a central department in the health facility, the representative for medical device safety performs the following tasks: Contact person for authorities, ...
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  Partners 65%
  ... Medicine http://www.medicine.mcgill.ca     List of Academic Partners with strategic alliances in phase I/II: Heidelberg University Hospital Department of Clinical Pharmacology and Pharmacoepidemiology http://www.klinikum.uni-heidelberg.de Facts Est. 1969 ... veterinary medicine and environmental analysis with 300 sites in 20 countries and over 300 million test analysis pa. synlab's clinical trial
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  Kiel 65%
  ... a city known for its famous sailing regatta. CRS Kiel has a history of reliable cooperation spanning more than 16 years with various university departments. This involvement of specialists facilitates diagnostic findings, medical care and the recruitment of complex patient populations. More than ...
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  Special Populations 64%
  ... success is based on long-term cooperation with specialists since the early 1990s. The network consists of a large hepatology outpatient department (over 1,000 patients per year), two university hospitals in Schleswig-Holstein, and nephrological dialysis and gastroenterological centres. ...
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  Data Protection 63%
  ... employees in the Business Development and Marketing department and by the Management. It is not disclosed to third ... Development, Project Management and Quality Assurance departments, as well as the persons responsible for clinical ... with your contact person in the Business Development department at CRS or contact the CRS Data Protection Officer. In ...
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