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  Pharmacodynamic Expertise 81%
  ... clinical effective drug candidates in the early clinical trial conduct is the key benefit of biomarkers. Due to changes in biomarker patterns it is possible to distinguish between effective and ineffective drug therapy, which ... CNS, Immunology, Lipids, Hemostasis and Haematology. A large panel of techniques to measure
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  Partners 66%
  ... types of drug development projects with pre-clinical and clinical CRO services, central clinical laboratory services, bioanalytical services, biomarker testing, personalized medicine concepts, sample logistics, long-term storage services, software development and validation. Facts Est. 1998 ...
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  2010-2020 62%
  ... O, Proctor CJ, Graff D, Meyer I, Changes in levels of biomarkers of exposure and  biological effect in a controlled ... change values to assess changes in concentrations of biomarkers of exposure in individuals participating in a ... effects of a reduced toxicant prototype cigarette on biomarkers of exposure and of biological effect versus ...
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