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  Locations 81%
  ... research units with 275 clinical pharmacological beds. All CRS clinics are based in metropolitan areas. The ... Locations & Special Fields of Expertise Kiel The 26-beds CPU, located in close distance to the University ... in renal & hepatic impairment. Berlin The CPU with 36 beds has an outstanding expertise in clinical trials ... examinations on-site. Wuppertal The CPU with 45
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  Wuppertal 67%
  ... the circumjacent Bayer facilities. CRS-Wuppertal gains a total bed capacity of 24 overnight beds equipped with vital sign monitoring systems. In an intensive care unit 12 beds can be monitored via an ECG, SpO2 and vital signs monitoring system, a computerized ECG device and an EDC system whereas 9 additional
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  Services 66%
  Services CRS is a CRO with 275 clinical pharmacological beds. All of the CRS CPUs are located in metropolitan areas (Kiel, Berlin, Wuppertal, Mönchengladbach & Mannheim) in Germany to ensure fast ...
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  Mailing Campaign (Kopie Home) 64%
  ... special routes of administrations, special populations, extended sample processing Large clinical capacities - 6 clinical units with over 275 beds in Germany High quality - multiple authority inspections (FDA, EMA, BfArM, AFSSAPS, ANVISA, DHMA, etc.) Broad panel of subjects - access to ...
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  In a Nutshell 61%
  ... in clinical pharmacology. As of today, CRS comprises 5 Clinical Pharmacology Units (CPUs) in Germany with a total bed capacity of 260 beds. This makes CRS to one of the leading European provider of Phase-I services, including standard PK/PD trial designs as well as special fields ...
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  Kiel 57%
  ... a telemetric monitoring system which enables the observation of the entire clinic. Although the maximum size of the rooms is restricted to four beds, in most trials only one or two study participants are hospitalised in the same room. In addition, the unit contains a laboratory for blood and ...
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  Berlin 55%
  ... trial activities can be spatially separated allowing the simultaneous conduct of several studies without interference. 20 intensive care beds, each equipped with an ECG, SpO 2 and vital signs monitoring system, a computerized ECG device and an EDC system, as well as 6 convenient ...
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