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  Services 81%
  ... in accordance with the respective GxP standards. This high quality has been confirmed several times by local, national and international authorities.
  Size: 29 K - Created: 18-11-12 - Modified: 07-10-19 14:36
Path: /Services

  Quality 74%
  ... and at external clinical sites; vendor qualification function of other external providers  Preparing inspections by sponsors and regulatory authorities; representing CRS vis-à-vis external organisations including the FDA, sponsors and other organisations; serving as a primary contact during all ...
  Size: 31 K - Created: 18-11-12 - Modified: 02-08-19 10:27
Path: /Services/Quality

  Imprint 73%
  ... As a central department in the health facility, the representative for medical device safety performs the following tasks: Contact person for authorities, manufacturers and distributors in connection with reports on the risks of medical devices and the implementation of necessary corrective ...
  Size: 32 K - Created: 16-10-14 - Modified: 02-08-19 10:27
Path: /Contact/Imprint

  CDM & STAT 72%
  ... study data and report it in the form of electronic Common Technical Documents (eCTD) complying with the standards imposed by international authorities.
  Size: 31 K - Created: 18-11-12 - Modified: 02-08-19 10:27
Path: /Services/CDM & STAT

  Partners 65%
  ... DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 (General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories), GMP certificate of the regional authorities Business with CRS since 1994 MLM Medical Labs Mönchengladbach GmbH www.mlm-labs.com Services Safety lab provider Facts Est. 1993 Headcount: 20 ...
  Size: 44 K - Created: 18-11-12 - Modified: 02-08-19 10:27
Path: /CRS/Partners

  Data Protection 54%
  ... as well as the persons responsible for clinical trials. It may also be viewed by commissioned third parties in the event of inspections by the authorities or sponsor audits. Information in the electronic customer data management file and on supplier qualification will be stored for as long as the ...
  Size: 46 K - Created: 27-06-17 - Modified: 01-10-19 11:35
Path: /Contact/Data Protection