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  Quality 81%
  ... and archiving of all SOPs,  Performing internal audits of clinical trials (site audits and in-house audits); performing audits during clinical studies according to GCP & GMP and the respective legal requirements, including audits during planning (study protocol and related ... and reporting (study report), Conducting system
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Path: /Services/Quality

  Quality Assurance Manager (w/m/d) 68%
  ... internen Standardarbeitsanweisungen und von regulatorischen Bestimmungen im Rahmen von klinischen Prüfungen Durchführung von Systemaudits Qualifizierung von Subunternehmern Support bei regulatorischen Fragen (z. B. GCP, GMP, AMG, …) Erstellung, Überarbeitung und Verwaltung von Standardarbeitsanweisungen Bewertung von Prozessen hinsichtlich ihrer Effizienz und möglicher Compliance-Risiken Begleitung von externen
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Path: /Karriere/Karriere Wuppertal/Quality Assurance Manager (w/m/d)

  Partners 52%
  ... network of dedicated partners, we are able to carry out complex multi-centre patient trials. All university partners for clinical trials are audited by CRS and selected according to our excellence criteria such as dedicated staff, access to patients, and the possibility to conduct trials ...
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Path: /CRS/Partners

  Data Protection 48%
  ... responsible for clinical trials. It may also be viewed by commissioned third parties in the event of inspections by the authorities or sponsor audits. Information in the electronic customer data management file and on supplier qualification will be stored for as long as the company exists. ... sowie für Mitarbeiter der Qualitätssicherung. Sie können im Falle von Behördeninspektionen oder Überprüfungen durch die Auftraggeber (Sponsor-
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Path: /Contact/Data Protection

  1990 – 1999 35%
  ... and Omeprazole. Poster, 1. United European Gastroenterology Week, Athens 1992 Theiß U . GCP in Phase I – Trials- Experiences During a FDA Audit, Lecture, 14. Bobenheimer Allerheiligengespräch, October 1992 Theiß, U. , Wieckhorst, G., Hartmann, M., Lühmann, R., Huber, R., Bliesath, H., ...
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