CRS Clinical Research Services Mannheim GmbH

Grenadierstrasse 1
68167 Mannheim
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CRS Mannheim – The Largest Phase I/II Clinic

CRS Mannheim is the largest of all CRS's clinics and is located in the metropolitan area of Mannheim-Heidelberg, half an hour south of Frankfurt. For decades, the clinic building once housed the paediatric department of Mannheim University Hospital. The unit is located in central Mannheim, 3 km away from the main station. A tram stop in front of the building makes CRS Mannheim easily accessible for healthy volunteers and patients. In one of its trials in 2009, CRS-Mannheim accomplished an outpatient trial with up to 200 subjects per day over several weeks. Three large laboratories are equipped for infusion studies and several functional labs are situated within the various wards. Two 8-bed rooms are equipped for intensive monitoring and surveillance.

Activities of this unit include clinical pharmacology trials in all standard designs. This unit is dedicated to conducting large-scale trials such as QTc (more than 200 subjects) and long-term trials (overnight stays up to 56 days). Additionally, the unit has special expertise including consultancy in early clinical development.

Supporting services like Clinical Data Management (CDM), Medical Writing, Quality Assurance and Clinical Trial Supply Management (CTSM) are also located at our premises in Mannheim.

Infrastructure & Location

CRS-Mannheim is the largest Phase I facility of CRS. The building has been converted to meet the requirements of clinical trials. With floor space of 3,500 square metres, the building is surrounded by approximately 1,250 square metres of park-like grounds. The wards are distributed over three levels. In the basement, a large 800-square-metre outpatient area with a separate entrance allows the performance of outpatient trials for up to 200 volunteers/patients without interfering with in-house clinical trial activities and participants.

The hospital-like unit has its own operating theatre and a central oxygen supply in all wards and patient rooms. The architecture enables the spatial separation of parallel trial activities. The unit also contains relevant laboratories (blood and urine processing, laminar flow hood), six examination rooms, and a central cardiovascular laboratory.

GMP-certified facilities for Mannheim are offered in cooperation with a local pharmacy, which prepares sterile solutions in its GMP-certified cleanrooms for the nearby Mannheim University Hospital. The manufacturing licence for CRS-Mannheim (formerly IKP)/Fortuna Apotheke was officially granted in summer 2006.


The unit for clinical pharmacology studies and Phase I trials was originally established in 1977 in Bobenheim. The Phase I unit was subsequently relocated to Grünstadt, a small town near Mannheim on the German Wine Route, the oldest of Germany’s tourist wine routes. In 2004, it moved to the converted building which previously housed the paediatric department of Mannheim University Hospital owing to clients’ growing need for clinical trials with large groups of subjects. IKP has been a member of CRS since July 2006 and was renamed CRS Clinical Research Services Mannheim GmbH in January 2007.

Ekkehard Herrmann is the managing director of CRS-Mannheim.